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At Reporting House, we know reporting inside and out. It’s all we do. Our team of experts consider every challenge from a business, technical and user perspective. We work with your team to understand your problem and how it relates to your business. Then, we get down to our primary task: to provide you with the best set of software, tools and techniques possible to leverage your data assets.

Founded in 1994, Reporting House is a full-service consulting firm specializing in providing enterprise-reporting, business intelligence & analytics solutions for businesses worldwide.


From extensive data to expert decisions

One of the true benefits––and at the same time, biggest pitfalls––of today’s technology is the
staggering amount of data that is being generated. Most companies have a wealth, or glut, of data on their customers, competitors and market conditions residing in their ERP, CRM, SCM, WMS and other applications. The challenge is to actually use this existing data to your organization’s benefit.

Reporting House addresses these resource barriers with every reporting solution we offer and every client we serve. We provide an integrated suite of technologies, tools and techniques to securely and effectively access, analyze and deliver dissimilar enterprise data to those needing it most. Our metric-based consulting techniques, along with strategic alliances and expertise with the latest in reporting––from Actuate, BIRT, BO, Crystal, Cognos, Microsoft, Oracle, SAS & SPSS make us the preeminent single-source enterprise BI consulting firm. What’s more, we are constantly learning, and leveraging what we’ve learned. In short, if you’re building a robust, scalable, secure data resource, you want Reporting House.


From business data to business intelligence.
As economic conditions get tougher, competition stiffer and the pace of commerce quicker, managers with the ability to leverage their data assets will gain competitive advantage, enhance timely decisions and  rate additional up-selling opportunities. This poses an important question: How do managers and IT people juggle their strategic, operational, technical and financial concerns as they seek the Reporting, BI & Analytics solutions they need to compete in a volatile marketplace?
The answer’s simple: call Reporting House.

Bring people, processes and data together––from all across your organization––to make better and faster business decisions. Find out how. Contact us today at 919-342-5350 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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