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Open source technology from the Eclipse Foundation's Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) project forms the foundation for Actuate's solution for adding web reporting and analytics to Java applications. Actuate's BIRT products let you achieve rapid development, simplified deployment and a rich, interactive user experience.

BIRT is one of the most advanced and widely adopted open source reporting technologies, offering rapid, visual report development that's extensible enough to meet any reporting requirement. Actuate founded and co-sponsors the BIRT project, a top-level project within Eclipse.

Actuate's BIRT product line for adding web reporting to Java applications consists of three primary technologies: Actuate BIRT, iPortal and BusinessReport Studio. These products provide a complete solution for rapid report development, simplified deployment and a rich end user experience.

Actuate BIRT - Rapid and Extensible Report Development

Actuate BIRT adds pre-packaged data drivers and a simplified installer to the Eclipse BIRT code base, delivering easy-to-use, visual report development with programmatic extensibility to meet any reporting requirement.

  • More efficient than hand-coding reports in JSP, PHP, or HTML
  • Modern, web-oriented layout metaphor
  • Rapid integration with Java applications via API's for report design, execution and chart generation
  • Componentized to support separation of tasks for report development
  • Scripting support to add extensibility to data handling, charting, report elements and output types

iPortal - Enhanced Interactivity for BIRT reports

Actuate iPortal is an out-of-the-box J2EE report delivery application that automatically adds enhanced end user interactivity to BIRT reports while simplifying deployment.

  • iPortal's Interactive Viewer offers AJAX-based report customization capabilities for end users who are viewing BIRT reports
  • Reduced development cycles by enabling a single report to meet multiple user needs

Faster, more scalable and simplified deployment of reports

BusinessReport Studio - Web-based ad-hoc reporting

Actuate BusinessReport Studio is a web-based, ad-hoc report development tool that empowers business users to create new reports and modify existing BIRT-based reports.

  • Zero client, pure browser architecture for report development
  • IT control over end user data access to limit runaway queries
  • Self-service report development by end users reduces IT report development cycles
  • BIRT-based report design format to enable easy design sharing between BusinessReport Studio and BIRT


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