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Lower the Cost and Risk of Data Warehousing, Even for Enterprise Data Warehouses

Transforming your business data into business intelligence via data warehousing can be your company's best strategy for beating the competition. To do so, your IT organization needs to build a data warehouse, fill it with complete, consistent, accurate, and current data from multiple sources, and make that data available to analytical and operational applications throughout the enterprise; using strategic data marts and an enterprise data warehouse.

But much of your data is tied up in seldom-used legacy applications or locked away in departmental silos. You might not even know where it is; you can't be sure whether it's relevant or reliable. Perhaps you're still hand coding individual data integration and data warehousing processes, a costly, error-prone practice that devours IT time and resources as your developers reinvent the wheel every time they extract, transform, or load (ETL) data.

And despite all this effort, your smaller data marts and departmental data warehouses still don't scale easily to a large, distributed environment enterprise data warehouse.

Meanwhile, your end users wait—and wait—for the comprehensive, up-to-date information that will allow them to respond promptly and effectively to a volatile market.

How can you avoid overruns and delays in your data warehousing implementations? How do you lower TCO and raise ROI to demonstrate data warehousing's business value? How do you ensure fast access to high-quality data and data marts wherever it's needed in the enterprise?

The Informatica solution for enterprise data warehousing can help.

Accelerate Data Warehousing with Proven ETL Tools and Methodology

Informatica provides the data integration and data quality foundation for data warehousing, even at the level necessary for enterprise data warehouses. With proven ETL tools and implementation methodology, the Informatica solution for data warehousing streamlines the process of accessing, discovering, cleansing, and integrating all data to populate and maintain data marts, data warehouses, and enterprise data warehouses.

With the Informatica solution, your IT organization can minimize the costs, time, and risks associated with data warehousing projects. Your IT team can readily and cost-effectively scale up data marts and departmental data warehouses to be enterprise data warehouses that provide minute-by-minute decision-making abilities, visibility across business units, and transparency for regulatory compliance.

The Informatica solution for data warehousing makes it economical to harness all your company's data regardless of location, format, volume, or latency. Expert Informatica data warehouse and data mart consultants share best practices and help your IT organization configure the solution for maximum flexibility—enabling you to add new capabilities incrementally as needed.


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